Call for Your Favorites of 2018

I just posted my own favorites of 2018, and now I’d like to publish yours! If you’d like to be included, send me a jpeg (and a link, if you so desire) to I’ll be making the post of all the submissions near the end of this month. I love seeing the wide variety […]

Calls for Entries January 2019

It is time for my monthly summary of upcoming calls for entries for photographers, particularly those in Maine and New England, so please find below my list for January 2019. If your new resolutions include finding ways of getting your work out in the world, some of these might be helpful to you. This list […]

Looking back at 2018, Looking forward to 2019

Happy New Year to all my readers! The beginning of a new year is typically a time for reflection and planning, and I am certainly not immune to that temptation. When looking at the national and international scenes as well as the environment, 2018 was in so many ways a horrible year, and 2019 has […]