Trees and more trees

I saw that today is National Arbor Day so I thought that a few images of trees would be an appropriate end to the week.  Little did I know before reading that Wikipedia article that each state in the US has its OWN Arbor Day that is typically independent of the national one.  It makes sense, I suppose, since each state has its own climate and time for spring, but it seems unnecessarily complicated.

Maine, just to be contrary, has an arbor day that is a full week – the third full week in May.  So I’ll save my tree images from Maine for then and instead go with a few of my favorites from the Western US.

September Snow, Colorado. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Aspen Study #1. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Aspen Study #2. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Bamboo Canopy, Hawaii. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

Baxter Reflections & Big Brothers Big Sisters

Baxter Reflections. Copyright Jim Nickelson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

I’m donating a framed copy of this image, Baxter Reflections, to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine, for their upcoming charity auction on May 7th in Portland.  I’m happy to support such a great organization and hopefully the piece will result in a significant donation.

Here are a few other images from Baxter as well:

Baxter Reflections 2. Copyright Jim Nickelson 2009. All Rights Reserved.
Sandy Stream Pond, Foliage Study. Copyright Jim Nickelson 2009. All Rights Reserved.
Fall Rainstorm. Copyright Jim Nickelson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

More Winter work…

Here are three images I quite like, again from Megunticook Lake this last winter…

Copyright © Jim Nickelson 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © Jim Nickelson 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © Jim Nickelson 2010. All Rights Reserved.

New work and opening tomorrow night!

A reminder – the opening for the Maine Photography Show is tomorrow night (Friday night, Apr. 16th) in Boothbay Harbor.  Hope to see you there!

I’m continuing to go through my work from this winter.  Here is an image I like from Barrett’s Cove of Megunticook Lake.  Late afternoon, the ice starting to recede…This is from about a month and a half ago, too, as the ice has of course fully melted as of mid-April.

New images from Lincolnville Beach

Here are two new images from Lincolnville Beach from about a month and half ago – these were both from just before dawn and interesting my tripod was pretty close to the same spot for both.  The dock is for the ferry from Lincolnville to Isleboro – I love the colors from the artificial lights mixed with the pre-dawn colors.

Winter 2010 – Popham Beach Sunset

Also in February, I made my first trip to Popham Beach State Park one late afternoon.  Magnificent.  The weather wasn’t too cold but, it being February in Maine at the beach, I had the place almost entirely to myself.  I’ve been there once since and haven’t yet scanned those photos, but I expect to go here frequently in the future.  Particularly in the winter  – I love the feel of a beach in the winter when it is unpopulated, and Popham Beach supposedly becomes mighty crowded in the summer as one of Maine’s relatively rare sand beaches.

Winter 2010 – Camden Hills

Here are a few images from this winter from just around the corner from my house in Camden Hills State Park.  These were all taken in early February (incidentally our last real snowfall), the first two while standing on the beach on which we will be swimming in not too long.  It was a particularly fine morning just after a fresh overnight snowfall.

And speaking of Blurb…

There are a number of updates to the ubiquitous print-on-demand service that might be of interest to folks.  First, the B3 program that they have had the last few years for professional photographers is ending as of March 18, 2010, per an e-mail they sent to me.  According to Blurb, they are rolling out actual color calibration to everyone – good news for all photographers using Blurb for their work – making the B3 program unnecessary.  I was very happy with the color calibration resulting from the B3 program and  hope that the new universal color calibration works as well.

Blurb has also launched a new Color Management Resource Center to help explain color issues.  It is pretty sparse at the moment but it looks promising.

Color guru John Paul Caponigro also describes Blurb’s new ICC profile and suggests converting Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB images to the new Blurb ICC rather than the normal sRGB for improved color saturation.   I agree with his explanation and will try this myself for my next Blurb book.

And last, but not least, Blurb is having their second annual bookmaking competition for photographers with a $25,000 grand prize and a deadline of July 15th.  While the competition is fierce, I find the deadline of last year’s contest provided me with the motivation to finally put my first book together, making the contest worthwhile for me personally.

Blurb Book update

As some of you may recall, I self-published a Blurb book last year entitled ‘Red Rock’.  Red Rock included images from my multiple trips to the Utah parks over the previous decade.  I was pleasantly surprised with the print quality from Blurb – given how many horror stories were out there, perhaps lowered expectations also played a role.  The color was very close on almost all of the images, and only one image was clearly off.  Anyway, Blurb has a new feature now where you can preview the entire book online instead of just a few pages – a feature I’ll test right here:

[Update – it works on my browser – pretty slick!].