New Work from Cape Cod

I’ve just uploaded new images from Cape Cod onto my website.  These images were actually taken last summer – we only had about 3 days where I could photograph and I am very pleased with the results.  We had some spectacular light.  Most of the shots were taken either at First Encounter Beach or the Fort Hill/Nauset Marsh area.

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites.  A few selections are below:




Contours Show

Coming up next month, you can see my work at the Contours show at the wonderful Carver Hill Gallery in Rockport.  The Contours show is a fundraiser for a great local environmental organization, the Coastal Mountain Land Trust.  The CMLT manages quite a few lovely preserves in this area that we frequent – and in a few weeks we will be receiving our 13 pound batch of fresh blueberries from their Beech Hill Preserve (another, tastier, fundraiser).

There are about 25 artists featured in the show – you can read more about them in this article from the Maine Art Scene.  The show runs from August 14 – September 9 with a public opening on August 20th from 5-7 pm.  Definitely check out the show and buy some art in support of a great cause.

Here is my image that will be in the show – a view of Hatchet Mountain (one of their preserves) in late afternoon that I took earlier this month.


Red Rock published

Last week I finished and self-published my first monograph, entitled ‘Red Rock‘.  Red Rock includes 24 of my square format landscape images all taken in Southern Utah.  You can follow the previous link to see  a preview of the pages from the book on the Blurb site.


It is available via Blurb – I entered this book into Blurb’s photography book contest “Photography.Book.Now’.  I’ve ordered a copy of the book from Blurb and it should arrive on Tuesday.  I’m anxious to see the quality of the printing.  I’ve heard mixed reviews of Blurb’s quality control, but I did sign up for their B3 program for professional photographers that promises more consistent and better quality printing.  We’ll see.

They also have a new large size – 12×12 inches – which I chose, even though it drives the price up significantly.  I hope it is worth it.

I’ll post here once I see an actual copy of this – but I’m certainly excited to see the results.

UPDATE: I did receive my book and it was better than I was expecting.  Perhaps it was lowered expectations, but the print quality was actually quite good and the color matching was about 90% of the way there.  Only a few of the bluer images were not right on.  I look forward to trying this service again in the future.

Midcoast Chroma Show at Carver Hill Gallery

I’m also excited to mention my upcoming group show at the Carver Hill Gallery in Rockport, Maine.  The Midcoast Chroma show promises to be quite good as it includes some amazing photographers.  You can read a bit more about the show in the Village Soup, as well as at the current exhibition page of Carver Hill itself.

The opening for the show is this Saturday, 2-5 pm, and the show runs until June 13th.

Some of the promotional material, including sample images from each photographer, is below:



New website!


I’ve just completed a major overhaul of my photography website. Some of the photographs are the same as before, but I’ve focused the website on my current work. Almost all of the images are from the last few years (and thus in square format). I should have new galleries up soon – flora, Cape Cod, Inland Maine, and more cityscapes are all in work. Please tell me if you see any problems with the website or have any suggestions. Enjoy!

Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2009!


Art Nouveau show

Two days ago on Sept. 10th, my gallery VoxPhotographs held an opening for all 8 of the contemporary photographers represented by the gallery. Two of my pieces were represented in the group show, which are shown below:

The show was a great success and I enjoyed meeting both fans of photography and other photographers. On-line press preceding the event included the Village Soup and the Maine Art Scene.


Welcome to my new photography blog entitled 56×56, which will focus on my own photography (both new images and news) as well as whatever random photography topics on which I feel like posting. This will supplement my primary photography website.

I contribute to two other blogs. First and foremost, The Jade Tower is my personal blog which centers around my family, particularly my daughter Eliza. I also contribute with occasional technical articles to the blog for my photography gallery, VoxPhotographs.

We’ll see how this all develops – and feel free to comment with any suggestions, criticisms, or requests.