A Book Cover, Starry Night, and the VoxPhotographs blog

I was very pleased to learn that my image was selected for the catalog cover for the upcoming exhibition at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont. You can order the catalog here (and browse through all the images) and you can find out more about the upcoming “Four Seasons” exhibition here. I sprung for the hardcover, […]

Arla, Circles, Squares, & Lightroom 4

Congratulations to Arla Patch, as her work is featured in the current print edition of B&W + Color Magazine. The article includes five images and is based on her newest body of work entitled “b. 1950”, featuring projection of images (in this case, watercolors) upon her own body. You can see (and purchase) all of […]

New Addison Wooley show, new Maine Photo Alliance show, & more

I’ve been pretty swamped of late with printing for the holidays and such (and that is a good thing!) so I’ve been somewhat remiss on the updates here. One very interesting show coming up is the Maine Photographers: Eyes on Asia exhibit (curated by Bruce Brown) that opens January 5th at Portland’s Addison Wooley Gallery. […]

Various and Sundry, mid-November 2011 edition

I’ve been quiet for a bit here on the blog because of family travel and other obligations, but I do have a lot of things in the hopper. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight some things I’ve found useful or interesting out there, as well as providing a few updates. So here […]