Various and Sundry, mid-November 2011 edition

I’ve been quiet for a bit here on the blog because of family travel and other obligations, but I do have a lot of things in the hopper. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight some things I’ve found useful or interesting out there, as well as providing a few updates. So here […]

A few updates and new work from Marshall Point

It has been relatively quiet here as a surprisingly warm Maine fall comes to a close. I did find a few things online this morning that I thought I’d pass along. First, a short but interesting interview (h/t to Jorg Colberg) about collage-based photography (collage fans, you know who you are). Second, Lens Culture announced […]

Various & Sundry, mid-September edition

First and foremost, let me thank everyone who came out to my opening at Harvard’s Three Columns Gallery – I had a great time, met some interesting people, and thoroughly enjoyed my first solo exhibition. In the category of images that were more popular at the opening than I expected, Cadillac Clouds above was the […]

Black & White photographs everywhere…

The Maine Photo Alliance has just posted its most recent online exhibition, entitled “Black & White” and curated by Joe Corrado. There are some outstanding photographs in the group – Joe did a great job pulling the show together. One of my favorite images of mine from the last year is Festival Nocturne¬† from last […]

Introducing the Maine Photo Alliance

I’m part of a small group of Midcoast Maine photographers who get together monthly to talk about fine art photography and to show our new work to each other (and to of course solicit feedback). We just put up a website that has short introductions to all of our work, and we will update the […]

Various and Sundry Around the Web

Occasionally I try to share various links that I have found to be interesting, and I’ve found that sharing them in the context of a single post seems to work best for most people. One new photoblog that is extremely promising is the new Time Lightbox – stellar work from Time Magazine photographers (many independents, […]

Robert Moran also in the UMMA show

UPDATE (3/15/11): UMMA has now posted the complete list – congratulations also to Melonie Bennett, Shoshannah White, and all the others selected. I just found out that another friend and colleague was selected for the upcoming UMMA show – congratulations to Robert Moran as well! I’m a big fan of this body of work.