My work in Peopleplace Auction

A week from today – next Sunday, June 27 from 4-7 – Peopleplace will be having a silent auction at Brevetto in Camden to raise money.  For those of you who don’t know, Peopleplace is my daughter Eliza’s wonderful cooperative preschool.  You can see more details at the Peopleplace website, including how and where to […]

And in other news…Lightroom 3 now available

If you are a photographer you’ve probably seen mention of this many times already, but Adobe just released the new version of its raw processing/photo management software, Lightroom 3.  99 bucks for an upgrade if you are a current user, which, while not exactly free, is not unreasonably priced – particularly if you compare to […]

Assorted and sundry links from around the Web

I’ve been wanting to mention a few upcoming items or recent articles for a while and came up with a list of exhibitions, articles, and videos – hopefully at least one of these will be of interest to you! First, Gallery 5 in Lewiston has the opening for their next show, In Contrast, coming up […]

New MMW Gallery in Rockport and Pete Turnley Show

I somehow missed this news previously, but the Maine Media Workshops is opening an entirely new gallery space in downtown Rockport – a great addition to this wonderful organization and an important boost to downtown Rockport.  Heather Frederick posted about this today and gives a bit more background.  The opening of the gallery and Peter […]

Photography Lectures in Rockland

Last night I saw a great presentation at The Strand in Rockland, ME, by the always-excellent Brenton Hamilton about post-war (WWII, that is) photography, specifically Robert Frank, Frederick Sommer, and Chauncey Hare.  So, I’m too late to recommend that presentation to everyone, but there are two more presentations as part of this series put on […]

Plagiarism or Homage?

There is a minor ongoing Internet kerfluffle regarding the images of David Burdeny and whether or not his images, particularly his Sacred and Secular series, are copies of the work of other photographers.  (As an aside, I’m a fan of Burdeny’s work generally).  I first heard about this from the Conscientuous blog – posts here […]

Peter Turnley on Haiti

Just posted this morning is an excellent (and heartbreaking) piece of that increasingly rare beast, long form photojournalism.  Peter Turnley’s photographs provide a striking narrative of the recovery (or at least the beginnings of a recovery) for Haiti approximately three weeks after the devastating earthquakes.  Kudos to Mike Johnston’s The Online Photographer for providing the […]