Summer Moon

I’ve been a bit remiss in finalizing my photographs from the summer for a variety of reasons. Being busy is certainly a big factor, but I’m also trying to gain my temporal separation between the taking of photographs and the evaluation of them. I have found that I can evaluate my own photographs more objectively […]

Hope Elephants and an exhibition at the Davis Orton Gallery

I recently was given the opportunity to photograph two of Midcoast Maine’s newest residents, Rosie and Opal. Rosie and Opal live at Hope Elephants, a wonderful new elephant rescue organization based in Hope, Maine (I definitely recommend going to their site to learn more and also to find out answers to questions such as whether […]


A few months back, Tillman Crane contacted me about joining him and a group of photographers to photograph Montpelier (also known as the Knox Mansion) in Thomaston, Maine. I happily joined up with Tillman and his group and we all spent a great day photographing Montpelier. The mansion is normally not open to photographers so […]

Trapper’s Moon, upcoming full moon, and moon pillars

Before I talk about the Trapper’s Moon, I should mention this Saturday is May’s full moon, popularly called the Flower Moon. Friday night looks to be a better time to catch the moonrise here in Maine based on the relatively times of sunset and moonrise, but at this moment the weather is not looking great […]