Moon of the Strong Cold and Full Moon this week

This coming Wednesday is the full moon, and both Tuesday and Wednesday evening should provide great opportunities for photographing or viewing the moonrise of a full moon near the time of sunset. Wednesday morning should also provide a good view of moonset/sunrise. There isn’t much consensus on the names for March’s full moon, with names […]

Great Spirit Moon

January’s full moon was called the Great Spirit Moon by the Anishnaabe tribes (the Chippewa and Ojibwe) of the Great Lakes region, a name dedicated to the Great Spirit, their principal deity. I chose this name for my new images from January’s full moon as a perfect fit for the ephemeral and mysterious nature of […]

Cold Moon, Singing Moon, and Frost Moon

Happy New Year to all! I’ve been working through many of my recent images, including full moon photographs from three different full moons for my Adventures in Celestial Mechanics series. I’m particularly excited about the most recent full moon from late December, the last of the thirteen full moons in 2012. This full moon is […]

Long Nights Moon, the Geminids Meteor Shower, & Amazing Astronomy Images

My apologies for the late notice, but the last full moon of 2012 officially happens tonight, giving potential moonset opportunities the next two mornings and a good moonrise opportunity Friday night. December’s full moon is usually called the Long Nights (or Night) Full Moon or the Cold Moon, but also names such as the Snow […]

New Pyrotechnic Work & Exhibition in San Francisco

I’ve finished with my Night Landscape Workshop at Maine Media (more on that soon), but I wanted to share some of my new Pyrotechnic work for those readers who are not on my email list (where I sometimes share new work first). This group of images includes some of my favorites of this whole series […]