Buffered vs. Non-Buffered/Unbuffered Materials for Digital Pigment Prints

  Should I use buffered or non-/unbuffered materials (matboard, interleaving sheets, etc.) with my digital pigment prints? The Short Answer This is a common question I receive from clients and an area of obvious relevance. Surprisingly, after researching this subject, the answer to this question was not as clear cut as I anticipated. After performing […]

The Fine Print

As readers of this blog will know, I am a strong proponent and champion of the fine print. If you are a photographer, I think it is essential to eventually print your work. You can do it yourself or have someone else do it, you can create a fine digital print or something equally and […]

A Book Cover, Starry Night, and the VoxPhotographs blog

I was very pleased to learn that my image was selected for the catalog cover for the upcoming exhibition at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont. You can order the catalog here (and browse through all the images) and you can find out more about the upcoming “Four Seasons” exhibition here. I sprung for the hardcover, […]

Printing Tips – Humidity in your printing environment

Sometimes we take for granted modern inkjet printers because of their competence and reliability. Modern printers, though, are incredibly complex machines, particularly with respect to the printheads. Each printer and its printheads is designed for a particular range of environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity. For most home printing situations, humidity is most likely to […]

Paper Review – Canson Platine Fiber Rag

Overview I somehow have neglected to post much about this relatively new paper from Canson Infinity despite it being my new favorite paper. Paper choice is very subjective, but for me, Platine Fiber Rag (PFR) hits the sweet spot in so many ways. If you haven’t yet tried it out, I certainly highly recommend doing […]