Photobooks, photobooks, and more photobooks

Claxton Projects has just launched (today!) their new website and it is pretty slick. They basically provide a short review and select photo spreads of each book. I highly recommend browsing around as the website is slick, the reviews concise and insightful, and the book selection excellent. In other recent news, local photographer extraordinaire Cig […]

Photobooks – and so it begins…

I have a photobook problem. Or, rather, I used to have a severe problem with buying too many photobooks and now that problem can best be described as a mild one – at least my purchases now are mostly offset by sales of ones from my library. This post marks the beginning of a long […]

And speaking of Blurb…

There are a number of updates to the ubiquitous print-on-demand service that might be of interest to folks.  First, the B3 program that they have had the last few years for professional photographers is ending as of March 18, 2010, per an e-mail they sent to me.  According to Blurb, they are rolling out actual […]

Blurb Book update

As some of you may recall, I self-published a Blurb book last year entitled ‘Red Rock’.  Red Rock included images from my multiple trips to the Utah parks over the previous decade.  I was pleasantly surprised with the print quality from Blurb – given how many horror stories were out there, perhaps lowered expectations also […]