Celestial Exhibition at Kingman Gallery

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I’m very excited to announce a solo exhibition of my work at the Kingman Gallery in Deer Isle, ME. The exhibition, entitled “Celestial”, extends from July 21st through August 14th with an opening reception this coming Sunday, July 24th, from 2-5 pm. Information about the hours and such for the gallery are below or on its website.

One of the exciting things about this exhibition for me is that it features photographs from my five primary bodies of work — the full moon photographs of Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, the abstracted fireworks of Pyrotechic, the dark abstracts of nature evocative of the shared celestial origins of everything on Earth in Codex Natura, the circular landscapes inspired by fairy tale and myth of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and my newest project, the celestial motion captured in Harmony of the Spheres.

I can’t wait to see how the show looks and hope to see you there at the opening reception on Sunday!

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Various & Sundry: Independence Day Edition

"Pyrotechnic #261", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #261”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely holiday weekend (for those of you celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S). I’ll be out the remainder of this week on a family camping trip, too, but will be back in the saddle next week.

Most locales here in the U.S. celebrate the holiday in part with fireworks, so now is a good time to point out new pieces in my Pyrotechnic project that I’ve just published as part of a general refresh of that portfolio.

Later tonight (July 4th) NASA’s Juno spacecraft will hopefully be safely inserted into Jupiter’s orbit. This is a very exciting mission to study Jupiter’s magnetosphere (among other things), and you can read more about it on Space.com. There is a fascinating video here (with data from the Hubble Space Telescope) with more about the ultraviolet light auroras of Jupiter, too (with 80’s style guitar soundtrack as well).

One last thing…I loved this Elegy for the Arctic, a beautiful piano piece by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi performed by him amidst the ice (really).

Various & Sundry: Reader Favorites, Earthrise, and more…


As long-time readers will know, each year I like to make a post of my favorite images of the previous year (coming soon!) as well as a post of the favorite image from my readers. So, if you’d like to share your favorite photograph that you took last year, please send it to me at jim@jimnickelson.com and I’ll include it in the upcoming post. (If you are curious, here is last year’s post highlighting the 2014 favorites).

I’ll be posting a week from today, so please have them to me by midnight on the 17th or so if you’d like to participate. This is always one of my favorite posts of the year as I love seeing the diversity of work out there amongst photographers.

I have a new exhibition that is now up at the Gibbs Library in Washington, ME. You can find out more here, and I’d love for you to check it out if you are in that neck of the woods before the end of the exhibition on March 1st.

I’ve also posted about some of my new 2016 workshops, including my Winter Night Landscape Workshop and myriad printing workshops.

…and last but not least, the photograph leading this post is one that I wish I had been able to take. It was released by NASA last month and is one of my new favorite photographs. Taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, it captures Earthrise from orbit about 80 miles above the surface of the moon. Maybe one day I’ll be able to complete my Adventures in Celestial Mechanics moonrise series from the other side…

Maine Portfolio Reviews, upcoming workshops, and a few exhibitions

"Pyrotechnic #47", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #47”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

Two Days of Portfolio Reviews

The Maine Photo Project just announced 2 days of portfolio reviews here in Maine. The reviews are free and will be held in two locations – August 1st in Rockport and August 15th in Ogunquit. You can register online and include your preferences on which reviewers you’d like to meet — there are some great ones available, including educators, curators, and gallery owners. So, if you’ve been thinking about showing your work to people, this is an excellent opportunity.

The Maine Photo Project also has two upcoming talks that are open to the public in September and October. You can find out about these talks and all of the events involved in the Project on their events page.

Two Workshops

This has been a big year for workshops for me, and there are still two left with Maine Media Workshops. Next up is my week-long printing workshop starting on August 23rd and following in September is my week-long night photography workshop based in Acadia National Park. I look forward to both, and please contact me if you have any questions about either.

Two Exhibitions

My photograph “Pyrotechnic #47” is included in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s Art to Collect NOW: 38th Annual Exhibition and Auction. There will be an opening reception this Wednesday from 5-7 pm and the exhibition extends until the auction on July 26th. Nickelson Edition clients such as Sarah Szwajkos, Ni Rong, Dudley Zopp, Paul Oberst, Marcie Jan Bronstein, Liv Kristin Robinson, and others are also included. You can see the list of artists and included pieces here.

If you are up near Northeast Harbor, my work is included in the summer shows at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry. The next one up has an opening exhibition this Thursday, 4:30-6:30 pm.

Various & Sundry, July 4th Edition

"Pyrotechnic #128", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #128”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

July! It is hard to believe that June has passed already…Fireworks are on many people’s mind here in the United States because of the upcoming July 4th holiday, so I thought that I’d mention here that I’ve updated my Pyrotechnic portfolio quite a bit over the last few months, and you can see many new Pyrotechnic images on my website. Thank you also to blogger extraordinaire Elin Spring, who today featured my photographs on her July 4th post!

And if you are already tired of fireworks and are in the mood for moons instead, I just posted three new photographs from May’s full moon on my site, too.

For those of you who are fine art photographers in New England, the Griffin Museum is hosting this year’s New England Portfolio Reviews in a few weeks on July 18th-19th. There are many great reviewers and also a significant amount of educational presentations, too, that are available even to people who are not seeking reviews of their work. I’ve gone in the past and have had great results, but I can’t go this year because of scheduling conflicts.

I have a few current and upcoming exhibitions I’ve noted on my News page of my website, including the current VoxPhotographs exhibition that includes seven of my Pyrotechnic images and the upcoming exhibition at the MDI Biological Laboratories that includes four of my Pyrotechnic series. You can also find my work this summer at Shaw’s Contemporary Jewelry in Northeast Harbor as well as the Kingman Gallery in Deer Isle.

On The Paper Chase, my fine art printing blog, I just posted about upcoming solo exhibitions in July for three Nickelson Editions clients, Linden Frederick, Lynn Karlin, & Terry Hire. I do my best to post there about client shows, so if you have any please send information about them along.

For those of you in midcoast Maine, the summer session for the Maine Media Workshops is in full swing, and one thing I really love there is the nighttime slideshow presentations by visiting photographers. These presentations are open to the public — you can see upcoming ones here, which include photographers such as Sam Abell and Joyce Tenneson as well as many others.

Portfolio Walk this weekend at Boston’s 555 Gallery

"Kindly Moon II", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Kindly Moon II”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

For those of you in Massachusetts, I’ll be one of the photographer’s hosting a portfolio “walk” at Boston’s 555 Gallery this weekend. This portfolio walk is for The Personal Portfolio, the current exhibition at the gallery, and will be from 2-5 pm on Saturday May 30th. I’ll be going through my Pyrotechnic and Adventures in Celestial Mechanics portfolios.

The current exhibition includes work from all of the gallery artists, and I’ll be joined by 3 or 4 other photographers as well. It should be a great chance to review portfolios with the artists and to see the wide breadth of work that available at the gallery. Hope to see you there!

…and if you can’t make it this weekend, there are a number of other portfolio walks scheduled with other artists, and the exhibition itself extends until June 20th.

555 Reception Canceled, Your 2014 Favorites, & PhoPa opening

"Rice Moon I", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Rice Moon I”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

Due to severe snow-related parking shortages for any sort of big nighttime event and more predicted snow coming, the reception and artist talk scheduled for tomorrow night at 555 Gallery has been canceled. In happier news, the show has been extended until February 25th, so there is still time to see the exhibition.

I also wanted to mentioned that tonight, February 6th, there is an opening at Portland’s PhoPa Gallery at 5 pm for the “Inside/Out” Exhibition. This exhibition is curated by Susan Danly and includes three Nickelson Edition clients (Sarah Szwajkos, Thomas Birtwistle, and Jeffery Becton).

Thanks to everyone who has sent me their favorite photograph from 2014! If you’d like to be including in my upcoming post of reader favorite photographs, please send me a jpeg file and link by the end of this coming weekend.

Under Astral Skies at 555 Gallery in Boston now open

"Pyrotechnic #100", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #100”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

After a very enjoyable New Years Eve preview party, the Under Astral Skies exhibition is now officially underway! The exhibition extends to February 14th at Boston’s 555 Gallery and I’d love for you to check it out. (and if you do, let me know what you think!)

Elin Spring just posted the first review of show this morning on her blog (her blog is a must-read for anyone interested in photography shows throughout New England).

Photographs from both my Pyrotechnic and Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, as well as the work of three other photographers, are included in the exhibition.

The 555 Gallery is rapidly becoming an essential destination in New England’s photography scene and I’m proud to be with the gallery now. You can read a bit about the gallery in this blog post from this morning by Neal Rantoul.

I took a few photographs before the preview party…you’ll note the decorations all about for the New Years Eve party — I have to remember to go back and get installation shots without bottles of champagne and streamers prominently included. I love in particular how the full moon photographs work with that dark gray wall…



555 Gallery Under Astral Skies Exhibition

"Pyrotechnic #131", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #131”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I’m incredibly excited about my upcoming exhibition at Boston’s 555 Gallery. 555 Gallery is a great new contemporary fine art photography gallery in the up-and-coming South Boston area. The exhibition opens with a fancy ticketed preview party on New Years Eve (9-12 pm), and then is open during the gallery’s regular hours through February 14th. There will be a reception and artist talk on February 7th — stay tuned for more details!

The exhibition is entitled “Under Astral Skies” and will feature quite a bit of new work from both my Pyrotechnic and Adventures in Celestial Mechanics projects. I’ll have a total of 3 36″x36″ and 9 24″x24″ Pyrotechnic pieces and 6 16″x16″ of my full moon pieces. This is my biggest exhibition to date in terms of the number and size of the pieces, and I’d say about 75% of the work on display is new work that has never been previously exhibited.

The exhibition also includes the work of Amy Friend, Corinne Schultz, and Christopher Wright. I can’t wait to see the work of the other artists.

So, if you are in the Boston area, I’d love for you to check out this great new gallery and the exhibition, and if you do please let me know what you think!


Adventures Exhibit at Maine Audubon in Falmouth

"Dancing Moon I", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Dancing Moon I”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I’m very pleased to announce that I just hung a solo exhibit of my Adventures in Celestial Mechanics full moon series at the Maine Audubon headquarters in Falmouth.

The exhibit is up until about August 6th (I’m still finalizing this aspect — it could end a few days earlier). There are 7 24″x24″ images and 3 8″x8″ images in the show. It is a lovely preserve, too, so I highly recommend checking out the entire Gilsland Farm complex.