Be Awesomer

Untitled #13
“Untitled #13”, East of the Sun, West of the Moon project

Many people use New Years Day as a time to start implementing changes in their life (in the form of New Year’s resolutions), but if you are like me and most other people, there is a pretty good chance that whatever resolutions you might have made on January 1st of 2015 are still on the “to-do” list as we enter into 2016.

Perhaps because of my analytical nature, whenever I do New Year’s or any type of resolutions or goals, I make them elaborately detailed. Categories, sub-categories, and then even some sub-sub-categories, all documented and such. While I find it strangely satisfying to make such lists, they aren’t necessarily actually effective for me.

Last year at this time I asked my (then) 8-year old daughter what her New Year’s resolution would be. After asking what that actually meant, she answered that her goal for 2015 was to “Be Awesomer”.

I realize that awesomer is not actually a generally accepted word, so I went to the Urban Dictionary to get the “official” definition. According to the UD, awesomer means “to be even more awesome than the person or thing that is awesome”.

Perfect! I love this as a goal as it embodies the self-confidence to recognize that she already is awesome, and that the goal is just to take all the good things about yourself and make them better. If I objectively look at my complicated lists of goals, this is basically the essence of each of them. Just be better at everything. Be Awesomer.

So what does that mean practically speaking for my life as an artist? Basically it means to me to be more creative and to try more new things, and even more importantly to carve out and dedicate more time for my own work. I think that if I do this, “awesomer” photographs won’t be far behind.