Things I Loved, 2017

My new monthly column of highlighting things that I loved from the month before fizzled out in May, along with many other plans, as the year became busier and more complicated (as they tend to do). In a year that was depressing in so many ways at a macro-level I wanted to share some actual […]

Things I Love, (April &) May 2017

Well, I missed a month of my new monthly column, so this will be a bonus two-month edition of Things I Love. Without further ado, here are somewhat random things that I have loved over the last two months, both photographic and non-photographic: Favorite article for photo book geeks: This New Yorker feature on the publisher […]

Things I Love, March 2017

I was happy how last month’s post came out, so I’m going to make this a tradition  — a monthly post where I get to talk about things that I loved from the month, whether they relate to photography or not. Favorite books I read (non-photography). Pax, Sara Pennypacker. Your classic tale of a fox […]