Calls for Entries November 2018

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, 2018. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

It is time for my monthly summary of upcoming calls for entries for photographers, particularly those in Maine and New England, so please find below my list for November 2018.

This list is certainly not exhaustive and usually reflects ones of particular interest to me, but hopefully it will be helpful to many of you as well.

Good luck!

The Southeast Center for Photography has a few upcoming calls, with The Natural Nude due November 4th, Monochrome due December 2nd, and their Members Show due November 18th.

Panopticon Gallery in Boston has their First Look 2019 call up, with entries due November 8th.

The BlackBox Gallery in Portland, OR has two upcoming calls… “Color Photography” due November 9th and “Focus: Landscape and Architecture” due December 6th. This gallery offers free printing and framing of selected work, keeping costs reasonable if you are selected.

The Photographic Center Northwest has their 22nd Annual PCNW Juried Exhibition open now, with entries due November 9th.

Lenscratch has their next free call for entries up, with the jurored exhibition entitled “Seeing is Believing” due November 14th.

The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO has their next call posted, the 12th incarnation of their Portfolio Showcase exhibition, with submissions due November 14th, as well as a call entitled “Contemporary Portraiture” due November 14th.

Don’t Take Pictures Magazine has their next free call for entries, entitled “Seeing Red”, with entries due November 18th.

The PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont has a call for entry entitled “Self-Portrait: A Two-Way Mirror” due November 19th and another entitled “Sanctuary” due December 17th. They offer free framing in standard sizes, too, to help minimize costs if selected.

The Perspective Gallery in the Chicago area has their 10th Annual Lens 2019 juried competition open now, with entries due January 14th, 2019.

The SoHo Photo Gallery has their annual portfolio contest coming up, with entries due January 15th, 2019.

Bostick & Sullivan is having their first ever call for entry, jurored by Alt Pro guru Christopher James, and with entires due February 28th, 2019.

David Brooks Stess and his Blueberry Rakers at the PMA

"The Inuit", Copyright David Brooks Stess. All Rights Reserved.
“The Inuit”, Copyright David Brooks Stess. All Rights Reserved.

I’m also very excited that the Portland Museum of Art is exhibiting David Brooks StessBlueberry Rakers series, as he is one of my favorite photographers around. The exhibition runs from April 5th to May 19th with a public opening on Friday, April 5th, from 5-8 pm. I’ll be at this opening, too, and hope to see everyone there. (edit – great article in the Portland Press Herald about David and the other rakers, as well as blueberries)

David has spent 23 years raking and photographing in downeast Maine, and his work shows that commitment and dedication. With over 50 of his silver gelatin prints of his in the show, it is definitely a must-see.

I also printed one of the large display pieces for the exhibition (the 2’x6′ one) for the Museum and helped with the larger one as well. I can’t wait to see the print mounted — the last time I saw the big print, it looked pretty much like this:

Stess print coming off the printer for the Portland Museum of Art
Stess print coming off the printer for the Portland Museum of Art

For scale, the paper is 36″ wide…

UMMA’s I-95 Triennial 2013

"Fred's Bag", Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.
“Fred’s Bag”, Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.

The wonderful University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor has their newest exhibition opening this weekend, with a Member Preview Reception 5-7 pm tomorrow, Thursday, April 4th, from 5-7 pm. The exhibition is entitled the I-95 Triennial 2013, featuring contemporary art of all sorts from New England. I believe the opening is restricted to members and their guests, but I’m sure they would be happy to have you join up if you are so inclined. I will be attending and hope to catch some of you there. The exhibition runs from April 5th to June 8th.

I’m particularly excited as three friends and clients are included in this show, among the other artists. Robert Moran (image above) has some of his excellent Relics series in the show (read more about this from the Flat File blog yesterday, too). For this body of work, Bob chose Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 for the prints.

Charles Benner has two of his large-scale (20″x40″) and beautiful landscapes included in the show, too. You really have to see these in person to appreciate his impeccable technique. Charlie chose Canson Baryta Photographique for these prints.

"Blueberry Field", Copyright Charles Benner. All Rights Reserved.
“Blueberry Field”, Copyright Charles Benner. All Rights Reserved.

And last but not least is Terry Hire, who has an eye for color and abstract forms that continues to amaze.

"Bejeweled", Copyright Terry Hire. All Rights Reserved.
“Bejeweled”, Copyright Terry Hire. All Rights Reserved.

The Homer Studio Photographic Project

Copyright Kelly Anderson-Staley. All Rights Reserved.

As part of their Winslow Homer extravaganza, the Portland Museum of Art has a new exhibit opening this weekend entitled “Between Past and Present: The Homer Studio Photographic Project”. The opening reception is this Friday from 5-8 pm and the exhibition runs until February 17th, 2013. Five fine art photographers using historical processes were tasked with photographing Homer’s Prouts Neck studio, and this exhibition showcases the results. The participating photographers are Abelardo Morrell, Brenton Hamilton, Tillman Crane, Keliy Anderson-Staley, and Alan Vlach.

Nickelson Editions worked with the PMA and the five photographers to produce a portfolio of digital prints that is being offered for sale by the PMA as a fundraiser for the extraordinary Winslow Homer exhibition and studio. Each portfolio includes one print by each photographer for a total of five prints.

This should be a fascinating exhibit, and I was honored to work with both the photographers and the PMA on this exciting project.

Lynn Karlin Exhibition at Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast

Copyright Lynn Karlin. All Rights Reserved.

Belfast, Maine photographer (and Nickelson Editions client) Lynn Karlin has a wonderful exhibit up at the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast right now. There is an opening reception this coming Friday, from 5:30 to 8 pm, and the show runs until November 14th. Lynn will also be manning the gallery on Sunday, October 7th, from 10 am to 2 pm, to answer any questions and to meet with guests, so you can pop on over after having breakfast at the also wonderful Chase’s Daily.

I highly recommend checking out the show as you really have to see these photographs in person to appreciate them. We printed her photographs on Epson Velvet Fine Art and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, depending on size.

You can find out more about the show and series in this press release from the Maine Art Scene, more about Lynn’s fine art practice at the VoxPhotographs blog, and you can find an article about this series from the New York Times here.

Copyright Lynn Karlin. All Rights Reserved.

Client Spotlight: Robert Moran

Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.

Long-time Nickelson Editions client Robert Moran of Bar Harbor, Maine, seems to be everywhere right now in terms of shows. Right now you can see his work in the “In & Out of Abstraction” show at Portland’s Addison Wooley Gallery (show runs through April and review of show here) and at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Cambridge Homes in Cambridge, MA, with a solo exhibition entitled “H2O in the Landscape” (show runs until May 20th – and see an example image to the left). You can also find his work presently at the PhotoSpiva 2012 Exhibition in Joplin, MO, where he won 3rd place for body of work.

Coming up soon is his inclusion in the prestigious Exposure 2012 exhibition at Boston’s Photograph Resource Center this summer with six pieces from his Relics series, as well as another solo exhibition with his Vertigo series at the Griffin gallery in Stoneham, MA and inclusion in the next exhibit (“The Portrait – Up Close and Personal”) at the Minneapolis Photo Center, among other things.

I’ve been working with Robert as his printer since 2009 and I’ve been fascinated by his development as an artist. When I first started with him his focus was on his extensive archive of traditional black & white documentary-style photographs from Africa and beyond. This work has always been some of my favorites that I’ve printed, and it was exquisite printed on Harman FB Al Glossy paper for the fiber glossy silver gelatin look.

Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.

What is fascinating is the path that he took from those more traditional images. Pushing forward in amazing new creative directions, he has created a number of truly unique bodies of work with his own voice. His current Vertigo series, the subject of the solo Griffin exhibition this fall, is certainly a good representation of that. We have chosen Hahnemuhle Photo Rag for this body of work for its classic elegance. I’ve included two examples below, but please see his website for more.

Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.

Another current body of work, entitled “Relics”, will be included in the PRC exhibition. This may be my favorite of his new projects, and this body of work is also printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. His website has the extended body of work, but I’ve included two of my favorites below:

Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.

I highly recommend taking some time with his website and also trying to see some of his works in person if you are able.

Photography Shows in and near Maine – February 2012

"Wolf Moon III", Copyright Jim Nickelson

I’ve decided to start keeping a monthly list of photography shows throughout Maine to be published near the first of each month. I will do my best to be exhaustive, but please feel free to chime in with any comments or to email me with shows you’d like me to include – I’m sure I missed some of them that are out there. I’ll include any shows that I can find that include photography as part of the show.

I collect this sort of information for myself as I try to make it to as many shows around the state as I can, though obviously life and work and distance all play a role in what I can actually see in person.

Without further ado, here is what I’ve found so far for February:

Aarhus Gallery, the exhibition entitled “Blue” (inc. photographer Terry Hire, among many other artists). The show runs Feb. 2nd-26th with an opening reception Feb. 3rd from 5-8 pm.

Addison Wooley Gallery in Portland has their second consecutive Bruce Brown-curated show with two Portland photographers, Caleb Charland and Peter Gruner Shellenberger, and entitled “Artifacts and Particles”. The show runs Feb. 2nd – 26th with an opening reception this coming Thursday 5-8pm as well as the First Friday. Review here.

The new Old Salts Gallery in Camden has its February show with a variety of artists, including one photographer (Shelagh Delphyne), opening this Saturday from 5-8 pm. The exhibit, which you can read about in this press release, continues until Feb. 29th.

UMMA’s current exhibition includes Lori Nix’s The City project and is up until March 24th in Bangor.

The Portland Museum of Art has two photography exhibitions this month, “Making Faces: Photographic Portraits of Actors and Artists” that is up until April 8th and Tanja Hollander’s new exhibition entitled “Are You Really My Friend?” that opens February 4th and runs until June 17th. Ed Beem has a short review of Hollander’s exhibition here and Bob Keyes has one here.

Fryeburg Academy, Pace Galleries of Art, “Singular” show, runs until March 19th. There are 10 photographers in this show, which is curated by Heather Frederick of VoxPhotographs. You can read the press release here.

The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire (which I admit I had never heard of – thanks to Ed Beem of Yankee Magazine for the heads-up) has what looks to be great show of modernist photography (“A New Vision: Modernist Photography”) that opens February 4th and runs until May 13th.

EDIT: I just noticed another non-Maine but must-see show at the MFA in Boston – “Silver, Salt, and Sunlight: Early Photographs in Britain and France”, opening February 7th and running until August 19th, 2012. You can still catch their Modernist Photography exhibit until April 1st, too, which is very good.

Maine Photographer Update

There seem to be a lot of shows going on right now for Maine photographers, so I thought I’d highlight a few. First, this weekend a few shows close down (I’m going to go see these two in Portland on Saturday myself) so if you are interested, move quickly – these shows include the Bruce Brown-curated shows at the Addison Wooley Gallery and at the Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library.

Copyright Felice Boucher

Congratulations to Mainers ( and Nickelson Editions clients) Felice Boucher, Sarah Szwajkos, and Robert Moran (with a slick new website!) for being accepted into the Poetic Objects show at the Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery.

The Singular show I talked about way back when is moving to the Pace Galleries of Art on the campus of Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine, with an opening reception this Saturday. It is a very interesting show and definitely worthwhile – I haven’t seen that gallery yet myself but have heard it is gorgeous.

Congratulations to NE client Terry Hire for being a participating artist in the upcoming “Blue” show at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine, which runs from February 2nd through the 26th with an opening reception Friday February 3rd, 5-8pm.

October Update for Maine Fine Art Photographers

Copyright Amy Wilton

On occasion I try to highlight news for some of Maine’s fine art photographers. I just mentioned the new Singular show in Rockland – another show curated by Heather Frederick just opened at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. The show is entitled “Myths” and features a number of Maine’s fine art photographers, including Rose Marasco, Amy Wilton, Sharon Arnold, Cig Harvey, Abi Wellman, and others. The show runs until October 31st. If you get to see the show in person, we printed Amy’s photographs on Canson Platine Fiber Rag and Sharon’s on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching.

Congratulations to Robert Moran and Terry Hire for being accepted into the Vermont Photoplace Gallery’s most recent show, entitled “Again: Reflections in Photography”. Bob is in the gallery show and Terry in the online version, and both accepted images are viewable at the link. And speaking of Bob, his work is also in the Noir Juried show at the New Orleans Photo Alliance gallery through November 20th.

Joseph Corrado just landed the cover of Edible Jersey’s Fall issue (shown below) – congrats Joe!