2019 Printing and Photography Workshops

“The Tarn”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I’m pleased to announce my three 2019 workshops, all provided through Maine Media Workshops. I’m teaching one session of A Sense of Wonder and two separate sessions of my printing course. I’ve included the course descriptions below, and please follow the links to find out more information and to register. Feel free to contact me with any questions as well.

A Sense of Wonder, June 23rd-June 29th, 2019, Maine Media Workshops

Find new avenues for creative expression as you explore the mysteries of the natural world. Through a combination of lectures, image and portfolio reviews, demonstrations, discussions, and photographing as a group in the field, you’ll learn how to better appreciate the wonder in the natural landscape all around you, and to learn tips and techniques necessary to capture it in your photographs.

Ranging from sea to mountain to lake and to forest, you’ll get to explore intimate details of the landscape and learn how to capture natural processes such as tides and winds. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph the night sky (even experimenting with hooking your camera to a telescope) to explore the cosmos and, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ll be able to capture smaller aspects of nature with macro lenses and a microscope.

Discovery and experimentation are at the heart of this workshop.  You’ll find joy in discovering the Maine landscape in new and creatively exciting ways.

Participants may work in any medium and in color or black & white.

The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print, April 8th-12th and September 8th-14th, 2019, Maine Media Workshops

In this course, students will learn a workflow for creating fine digital prints. The workflow includes digital capture, establishing an artistic intent, digital processing in Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom, printing on an inkjet printer, and handling the finished print. Digital processing and printing topics include maximizing image quality at capture, color management, sharpening and noise reduction, black & white printing, proofing, matching screen and print, and making local and global edits to color and tonality.

Throughout the course, we will work through images as a class by making a print, evaluating the print, making modifications, and ultimately producing a final print.

We also discuss the qualities and characteristics of a fine print, the many options for inks and papers available to today’s printers, and how best to produce a print to realize an artistic vision, including choosing the best paper for a particular project.

Students will also have ample opportunity to shoot in the field and to apply all of the techniques learned on their own images.

2018 Workshops


Cosmographia #8, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I’m pleased to announce that I have three week-long workshops scheduled at Maine Media Workshops for 2018 now. I have two incarnations of my printing workshop, The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print — one May 13th-19th and the other September 9th-15th. You can use the links to get course descriptions and to register (and I’m happy to answer any questions, too!).

I also have new photography workshop called A Sense of Wonder, which will run September 30th-October 6th. I’m very excited about this new class, and we’ll explore my midcoast Maine stomping grounds with an eye for the intimate landscapes, macro imagery, the night sky, forces of nature, and all kinds of fun stuff.

New Craftsy Course: Editing Techniques for Night Photography


My new (and first) Craftsy course just launched today – you can sign up and purchase the course at this link. The course is called Editing Techniques for Night Photography, and you can see a trailer of the course below:


(sorry the embedding doesn’t work!)

If you use the link above you’ll get $30 off the course, a discount that I’m able to offer my followers. One of the great features of Craftsy.com is the interaction they facilitate between students and instructors — there is an online forum where students can ask questions, post images, and the like. Please let me know if you have any questions about the course or anything else!


New workshops – Craftsy.com (with giveaway!) and Maine Media

"Nightfall, Baker Island #4", Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Nightfall, Baker Island #4”, Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park. Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

One of the many things keeping me busy this spring was working on a new online workshop with Craftsy.com. My class, Editing Techniques for Night Photography, launches on Monday, June 6th. Until Sunday night, you can sign up for the Craftsy newsletter through this link and they will select one person from that group to win the class for free. This should allow you to sign up to win even if you are already on the Craftsy.com email list. I’ll have more on Monday (including links to the class itself) once it is all live.

I have a few remaining 2016 workshops with Maine Media of the non-virtual type as well, including two weeklong courses: The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print on August 21st-27th, and The Night Sky at Acadia National Park on September 18th-September 24th. You can see all my upcoming workshops and sign up here on the Maine Media site. The Night Sky workshop is a new one and it will be on location up in Acadia (at Schoodic Point) — it will be amazing for students to have a week to shoot night landscapes at my favorite spot in Maine.

Various & Sundry: Reader Favorites, Earthrise, and more…


As long-time readers will know, each year I like to make a post of my favorite images of the previous year (coming soon!) as well as a post of the favorite image from my readers. So, if you’d like to share your favorite photograph that you took last year, please send it to me at jim@jimnickelson.com and I’ll include it in the upcoming post. (If you are curious, here is last year’s post highlighting the 2014 favorites).

I’ll be posting a week from today, so please have them to me by midnight on the 17th or so if you’d like to participate. This is always one of my favorite posts of the year as I love seeing the diversity of work out there amongst photographers.

I have a new exhibition that is now up at the Gibbs Library in Washington, ME. You can find out more here, and I’d love for you to check it out if you are in that neck of the woods before the end of the exhibition on March 1st.

I’ve also posted about some of my new 2016 workshops, including my Winter Night Landscape Workshop and myriad printing workshops.

…and last but not least, the photograph leading this post is one that I wish I had been able to take. It was released by NASA last month and is one of my new favorite photographs. Taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, it captures Earthrise from orbit about 80 miles above the surface of the moon. Maybe one day I’ll be able to complete my Adventures in Celestial Mechanics moonrise series from the other side…

Maine Portfolio Reviews, upcoming workshops, and a few exhibitions

"Pyrotechnic #47", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #47”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

Two Days of Portfolio Reviews

The Maine Photo Project just announced 2 days of portfolio reviews here in Maine. The reviews are free and will be held in two locations – August 1st in Rockport and August 15th in Ogunquit. You can register online and include your preferences on which reviewers you’d like to meet — there are some great ones available, including educators, curators, and gallery owners. So, if you’ve been thinking about showing your work to people, this is an excellent opportunity.

The Maine Photo Project also has two upcoming talks that are open to the public in September and October. You can find out about these talks and all of the events involved in the Project on their events page.

Two Workshops

This has been a big year for workshops for me, and there are still two left with Maine Media Workshops. Next up is my week-long printing workshop starting on August 23rd and following in September is my week-long night photography workshop based in Acadia National Park. I look forward to both, and please contact me if you have any questions about either.

Two Exhibitions

My photograph “Pyrotechnic #47” is included in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s Art to Collect NOW: 38th Annual Exhibition and Auction. There will be an opening reception this Wednesday from 5-7 pm and the exhibition extends until the auction on July 26th. Nickelson Edition clients such as Sarah Szwajkos, Ni Rong, Dudley Zopp, Paul Oberst, Marcie Jan Bronstein, Liv Kristin Robinson, and others are also included. You can see the list of artists and included pieces here.

If you are up near Northeast Harbor, my work is included in the summer shows at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry. The next one up has an opening exhibition this Thursday, 4:30-6:30 pm.

The Night Sky at Acadia National Park

"Nightsong #15", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Nightsong #15”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

The Night Sky at Acadia National Park is the name of an exciting new workshop I’m teaching with Maine Media Workshops. The workshop (September 20th – 26th) will be a destination workshop and will take place in its entirety within Acadia. We will be based out on Schoodic Point in the same facility where I had my 19-day Acadia National Park artist residency last year.

So, a night photography workshop located in one of the most beautiful places in Maine, at the perfect time of year for being out at night, and with some of the darkest skies on the East Coast? This should be a perfect opportunity to shoot the night skies.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and you can find out more and sign up here.

The course description is below:

The night skies of Maine await. Learn techniques and timing to create powerful images at night from one of the darkest locations on the East Coast, Acadia National Park. Acadia National Park (and Schoodic Point, base for this workshop) provides many of the best night photography locations in Maine, providing dramatic mountains, forest, and coastline combined with dark skies.

This course is designed for students interested in exploring the possibilities of photographing the landscape at night as well as the night skies. Night landscape photography provides students with an exciting new perspective on the landscape, allowing students to create photographs that have a mood and look all their own. By expanding their repertoire with night photography, photographers can push their technical and creative limits, and thus learn techniques and skills that can be applied to all of their creative work.

Photographing at night presents many challenges both in technique at the time of shooting, and in unique aspects in processing the images in the digital darkroom and creating fine prints. Students will gain an understanding of how to use the best techniques in the field to maximize the possible quality of the resulting photographs, both technically and compositionally. Students will also learn how to properly process and prepare night photographs, with all their subtleties and characteristics, for display and print.

The class will combine significant time in the field in the evening and at night with the remaining time being spent either in the digital darkroom or in a workshop setting discussing technique, composition, and reviewing and discussing images.

2015 Workshops

"Winter Maker Moon I", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Winter Maker Moon I”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I’m pleased to announce my 2015 workshops, all with Maine Media Workshops just down the road in Rockport, Maine. (Incidentally, there will be one more night photography workshop added in September – stay tuned for details).

Coming up first is The Winter Night Landscape on February 22nd-28th, and then a series of weekend and week-long printing workshops. You can see my night photography workshops summarized here and my printing workshops summarized here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of my workshops.

Auroras, Night Photography Class, and update

Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I’m still alive! I’m over halfway done with my artist residency at Acadia National Park. I’m not entirely off the grid, but mostly so — my connections up here are tenuous at best, which is not a bad thing.

The photography gods finally agreed to allow me to photograph the aurora borealis (Northern lights) from Acadia last night. It looks like the window to see them has passed (notwithstanding the rain forecast for tonight), but it was really amazing.

I’ve included a few shots here, but it will take me a while to work through all the photographs and determine which are keepers, etc.

I wanted to take this opportunity to mention my upcoming night landscape photography class at Maine Media Workshops on October 12th-18th. I can’t promise auroras, but the night skies should be spectacular nonetheless.

I’ll be back in the saddle at home again on Monday the 22nd. Until then, here are two more photographs from last night…(the last one is a wide angle view)

Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.


2014 Workshops Now Set

"Pyrotechnic #72", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #72”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

My 2014 workshops are all now set, with a total of seven that I’m teaching through the wonderful Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME.

I have two week-long workshops on night photography — The Winter Night Landscape coming up soon on Feb. 23rd-March 1st, and Night Landscape Photography this fall on October 12th-18th.

I have five printing workshops, too:

– three 2-day Introduction to Digital Printing workshop on March 15th-16th, April 26th-27th, and June 14th-15th

– a 2-day Advanced Digital Printing workshop on April 5th-6th

– a week-long workshop on The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print on September 28th-October 4th

Please feel free to contact me about any of these if you have any questions.