New Nickelson Editions website and a slew of client shows

Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Robert Moran. All Rights Reserved.

I think I’ve somehow neglected to mention that I recently revamped my Nickelson Editions website, including changing around my services and pricing very slightly. So if you are curious, head on over there, look around, and kick the tires a bit…

One thing I’ve changed around a bit is I’m now providing a blog over there, too, called The Paper Chase that will focus on digital printing as well as client exhibitions. (Those that know me well will know that the title of the blog works on many levels for me.)

The three most recent posts, for example, highlight new exhibitions for Robert Moran, Dozier Bell, and a whole group of photographers at the Maine Photography Show in Boothbay. That Maine Photography Show and the Moran show both open this weekend, as a heads up!

So, for all Nickelson Edition clients, feel free to send along show announcements and the like and I’ll post them there. And don’t worry if you just want to follow 56×56 and not another blog, as I’ll occasionally provide links here to new content over there. 56×56 will continue to be my primary blog home.

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