Your Favorites of 2016

At long last, here are your favorite photographs of 2016. Each year, I ask readers to submit their own favorite photograph that they took last year. I’ve always loved this annual tradition (here is last year‘s). I’ve added a link to a website when available, too, if you’d like to see more (and you should).

Thanks for everyone who submitted, and enjoy!

Copyright Lisa Vietze

Lisa Vietze

Copyright Cally Peaco
Copyright Laurie McGowan
Copyright LeeAnne Mallonee

LeeAnne Mallonee

Copyright Angela Brown. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright William Ash. All Rights Reserved.

William Ash.

Copyright Terry Hire. All Rights Reserved.

Terry Hire.

Copyright Susan Guthrie. All Rights Reserved.

Susan Guthrie

Copyright Ann Krumrein. All Rights Reserved.

Ann Krumrein

Copyright Dave Clough. All Rights Reserved.

Dave Clough

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