And in other news…Lightroom 3 now available

If you are a photographer you’ve probably seen mention of this many times already, but Adobe just released the new version of its raw processing/photo management software, Lightroom 3.  99 bucks for an upgrade if you are a current user, which, while not exactly free, is not unreasonably priced – particularly if you compare to new versions of Photoshop.  It is and $299 for a full version.  I downloaded it this morning and it is noticeably faster on my system than was LR 2 – if their new features and purported quality improvements are there and work as intended, too, it will be a great upgrade.

As is typical, a 30-day free trial is available and people with much, much more time than myself have come up with exhaustive lists of all the improvements – I recommend Ian Lyons as a starting point if you like this sort of thing.

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