Various and Sundry, Year of the Dragon Edition

"Dragon", Copyright Jim Nickelson

First off, Happy Chinese New Year to all as we enter the Year of the Dragon. Sadly I did not have a photograph of a real dragon to provide from my archives, but I’ll use this shot from my Stolen Ninety-Nine project as a placeholder until real dragons become a bit less mythical.

I have quite a few random things to talk about this week. First off, congrats to Nickelson Editions client Brendan Bullock for making the cover (as the photographer, not the subject, that is) of the latest issue of Maine magazine that appeared on my doorstep today.

Congratulations also to NE client Jane Yudelman (as well as fellow Mainer C.E. Morse) for being accepted to the Snow & Ice exhibition at the 1650 Gallery in decidedly non-icy and snowy Los Angeles (see link for all accepted images and here for Jane’s, one of my favorites).

The Maine Photo Alliance has just published its January 2012 Online Exhibition, this one entitled “Odd Shots” and curated by Susan Davens. This is an interesting one as all participating photographers had to submit shots that do not fit in with the rest of their work, and Susan has done a great job of pulling together what I imagined were pretty disparate entries.

If you are interested in utilizing social media to market your photography (grudgingly or not), you’ll find Photoshelter’s new (and free!) guides to the subject very useful. I just read the updated guides and they are pretty good. You can find all of their free guides here.

I have a number of other blog posts in the queue for this week, so stay tuned…

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