Various & Sundry: Spring Break Edition

"Codex Natura #17", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Codex Natura #17”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

Spring break for my daughter is a few days in and we are heading out tomorrow to visit family, so I’ll be away until Monday the 25th, and I wanted to highlight a few things before I left.

April’s full moon is going to happen on Friday, April 22nd (when I’m gone!), with moonrise at 7:58 pm and sunset at 7:29 pm on Friday night. Thursday night should be good for photography, too, with moonrise earlier at 7:01 pm and sunset following at 7:28 pm.

Good news here in Maine…the Maine College of Art just announced that they are merging/adopting the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies., which is great news for fans of serious documentary work.

My favorite event of the last few weeks was unquestionably the landing of SpaceX‘s Falcon 9 first stage booster on a floating drone barge. I love that they are taking on this incredibly challenging task that is an important step in reducing the costs of space flight. I love the fact that they named the barge Of Course I Still Love You after a sentient starship from Iain M. Banks’ science fiction novels. And I’ve loved watching the landing over and over.

Google acquired Nik (makers of plug in software like Silver Efex Pro and Dfine Noise Reduction) a little while back and everyone was a little bit worried about what would happen to the software. I’d say they should still be worried. The good news is that Google just announced that the software, which used to cost hundreds of dollars, is now free. The bad news is that this development likely means that the software will no longer be updated. So enjoy it while you can, but know that eventually some software update to your operating system will eventually mean that you won’t be able to run it any more.

I’m excited to announced that I have two pieces from my Codex Natura series included in a New York Center for Photographic Art exhibition opening this weekend at the Jadite Gallery in NYC. Find out more here…Congratulations also to Jane Yudelman for her Grand Prize win for her wonderful Frozen Lijimght series in the same exhibition! You can see an online version of the exhibition here.

Two quick notes on Maine-based photographers…I really enjoyed this video about DM Witman’s work…and congrats to Cig Harvey on her exhibition at the Photo-Eye Gallery in Santa Fe that just opened (and check out this interview, too).

The big annual AIPAD show is going on in NYC happened last week and weekend. If you, like me, wish you were there but couldn’t attend, the next best thing is Collector Daily’s exhaustive summary of each booth at the show. Part 1 of 4 is here.

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