Long Nights Moon & New Edition Sizes

"Long Nights Moon", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

First up is a new image from December that you may have seen in my 2011 Favorites, Long Nights Moon. December’s full moon has many names but my favorite (and the one most appropriate for this photograph) is Long Nights Moon. I really don’t know how this image will look on everybody’s monitor as dark images such as this one are particularly susceptible to monitor variations, but the print really sings. The print also is an incredibly tough one to print – one of toughest I’ve ever done – because when you are printing in the shadows everything must be perfect for the print to feel right. I’m still fine-tuning the print as I live with the image on my walls right now. Next up in my Adventures in Celestial Mechanics series is tonight’s full moon, the Wolf Moon – I’m pretty optimistic with the images I took in the last 24 hours for this one. More on this soon…

In other news, I’ve tweaked things a bit on the business end for 2012. Most importantly, I’ve reduced my edition sizes significantly for any new editions (i.e., new photographs and editions that have not yet had any sales). My new edition sizes are 10 16″x16″ prints, 8 24″x24″ prints, and 5 36″x36″ (along with a sub-8″ open editions). The prices have also changed accordingly for the 16″ and 24″ sizes.

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