And speaking of Blurb…

There are a number of updates to the ubiquitous print-on-demand service that might be of interest to folks.  First, the B3 program that they have had the last few years for professional photographers is ending as of March 18, 2010, per an e-mail they sent to me.  According to Blurb, they are rolling out actual color calibration to everyone – good news for all photographers using Blurb for their work – making the B3 program unnecessary.  I was very happy with the color calibration resulting from the B3 program and  hope that the new universal color calibration works as well.

Blurb has also launched a new Color Management Resource Center to help explain color issues.  It is pretty sparse at the moment but it looks promising.

Color guru John Paul Caponigro also describes Blurb’s new ICC profile and suggests converting Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB images to the new Blurb ICC rather than the normal sRGB for improved color saturation.   I agree with his explanation and will try this myself for my next Blurb book.

And last, but not least, Blurb is having their second annual bookmaking competition for photographers with a $25,000 grand prize and a deadline of July 15th.  While the competition is fierce, I find the deadline of last year’s contest provided me with the motivation to finally put my first book together, making the contest worthwhile for me personally.

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