Photobooks, photobooks, and more photobooks

Copyright Jim Nickelson

Claxton Projects has just launched (today!) their new website and it is pretty slick. They basically provide a short review and select photo spreads of each book. I highly recommend browsing around as the website is slick, the reviews concise and insightful, and the book selection excellent.

In other recent news, local photographer extraordinaire Cig Harvey just announced her first monograph for Spring 2012, a book which is pretty much self-recommending.

One interesting idea just publicized by Joerg Colberg of Conscientious (a photo blog) fame is a photobook meetup – everybody brings a book and talks about it, and everybody then experiences a new photobook. I’m definitely intrigued by the idea but wonder if it would work in a place like rural/coastal Maine without the population density of NYC. Though, I suppose, this particular rural area probably has more photobook aficionados per capita than most places….Any interest out there?

And lastly, a little while back Mike Johnston of The Online Photographer posted a very long and interesting article about how to temper a photobook (the way you first open it and view it) so as to maximize its longevity, particularly the binding. Apparently this was commonly known in the book industry but I had never heard of it despite my somewhat obsession with books of all sorts. Geeky, but fascinating.

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