The Dark Night

That is the name of the week-long workshop at Maine Media Workshops that I’m starting tomorrow.  I’m a sucker for a good name – I even took a constitutional law course in law school entitled “Love and Death” in an homage to the Woody Allen movie. (The subject, incidentally, was gay marriage, right to die, and abortion. )

I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to take this course and in particular taking it with Todd Hido, a photographer whose work I greatly respect.  As you may have guessed, it is about night photography – a genre I’ve been itching to start trying.  I’ll tell everyone all about it in a little over a week!

And, finally, a new image of mine that was taken in broad daylight but reminds me a bit of the dark night (a bit like Caponigro’s universe apple if you’ve seen that).  Bonus points to anyone who knows where this is…

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