Red Rock published

Last week I finished and self-published my first monograph, entitled ‘Red Rock‘.  Red Rock includes 24 of my square format landscape images all taken in Southern Utah.  You can follow the previous link to see  a preview of the pages from the book on the Blurb site.


It is available via Blurb – I entered this book into Blurb’s photography book contest “Photography.Book.Now’.  I’ve ordered a copy of the book from Blurb and it should arrive on Tuesday.  I’m anxious to see the quality of the printing.  I’ve heard mixed reviews of Blurb’s quality control, but I did sign up for their B3 program for professional photographers that promises more consistent and better quality printing.  We’ll see.

They also have a new large size – 12×12 inches – which I chose, even though it drives the price up significantly.  I hope it is worth it.

I’ll post here once I see an actual copy of this – but I’m certainly excited to see the results.

UPDATE: I did receive my book and it was better than I was expecting.  Perhaps it was lowered expectations, but the print quality was actually quite good and the color matching was about 90% of the way there.  Only a few of the bluer images were not right on.  I look forward to trying this service again in the future.

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