Various & Sundry: Independence Day Edition

"Pyrotechnic #261", Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.
“Pyrotechnic #261”, Copyright Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely holiday weekend (for those of you celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S). I’ll be out the remainder of this week on a family camping trip, too, but will be back in the saddle next week.

Most locales here in the U.S. celebrate the holiday in part with fireworks, so now is a good time to point out new pieces in my Pyrotechnic project that I’ve just published as part of a general refresh of that portfolio.

Later tonight (July 4th) NASA’s Juno spacecraft will hopefully be safely inserted into Jupiter’s orbit. This is a very exciting mission to study Jupiter’s magnetosphere (among other things), and you can read more about it on There is a fascinating video here (with data from the Hubble Space Telescope) with more about the ultraviolet light auroras of Jupiter, too (with 80’s style guitar soundtrack as well).

One last thing…I loved this Elegy for the Arctic, a beautiful piano piece by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi performed by him amidst the ice (really).

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