Maine Photographer Update

There seem to be a lot of shows going on right now for Maine photographers, so I thought I’d highlight a few. First, this weekend a few shows close down (I’m going to go see these two in Portland on Saturday myself) so if you are interested, move quickly – these shows include the Bruce Brown-curated shows at the Addison Wooley Gallery and at the Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library.

Copyright Felice Boucher

Congratulations to Mainers ( and Nickelson Editions clients) Felice Boucher, Sarah Szwajkos, and Robert Moran (with a slick new website!) for being accepted into the Poetic Objects show at the Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery.

The Singular show I talked about way back when is moving to the Pace Galleries of Art on the campus of Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine, with an opening reception this Saturday. It is a very interesting show and definitely worthwhile – I haven’t seen that gallery yet myself but have heard it is gorgeous.

Congratulations to NE client Terry Hire for being a participating artist in the upcoming “Blue” show at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine, which runs from February 2nd through the 26th with an opening reception Friday February 3rd, 5-8pm.

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