The Paper Chase consolidated and many client updates

For a few years now I’ve maintained separate blogs for my printing business (the blog name was The Paper Chase) and my photography. A few months ago I morphed the photography blog into this one. I’ve been wrestling with how best to go forward with the other and I’ve finally made a decision – everything will be consolidated here on 56×56. The multiple blogs only resulted in confusion for readers and extra work for myself. The Paper Chase will live on going forward as a category here on 56×56 as well as in my selecting writings on printing. So, here we go!

One of the main topics on The Paper Chase was providing updates on exhibitions and other news relating to Nickelson Edition clients. Since The Paper Chase is no more, I thought I would summarize a few of the recent posts that are no longer available as they pertain to current exhibitions.

Breakfast Bowl © Sarah Szwajkos.
Breakfast Bowl © Sarah Szwajkos

Okay, onto the client shows! I just mentioned UMMA’s Photo National 2011 in the previous post here, but you can find Sarah Szwajkos a few other places right now, too, including Smith College in Massachusetts:

Personal Space: Photographic Portraits of Homes & Special Places
Smith College Alumnae House Gallery, Northampton, MA
4/25/2011 – 9/1/2011

Sarah and other friends/clients Terry Hire and Ann Krumrein are in the exhibition The Art of the Boat exhibition at the Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport, ME that runs until October 23rd.

“Galilee Prelude”, Copyright Terry Hire. All Rights Reserved.No less than four NE clients — Ann Krumrein, Terry Hire, Robert Moran, & Arla Patch — will be amongst the featured photographers in the Through the Lens exhibition at Lewiston’s Gallery 5 that runs until July 16th. You can also find Robert Moran’s work in an upcoming show in Portland opening at Trinket & Fern, Friday, July 1st, at 1 pm.

You can see Lynn Karlin’s gorgeous work in a few places right now, too. In addition to a number of pieces at Sweet Pea Gardens in Surry, Maine, you can find her Pedestal Series work at the joint “From the Garden to the Kitchen”exhibits between the Stonewall Kitchen Gardens and the George Marshall Store Gallery in York. The Stonewall Kitchens exhibit includes large-scale replications of the artists work in the Stonewall Kitchen gardens, and planting is designed to complement the art pieces. The gardens are expected to be open for viewing by mid-June and in full bloom by mid-July. A celebration will be held July 14th. You can find photos of the installation (there are pretty cool!) on a posting by one of her galleries in Hammertown, NY.

NE client Jane Yudelman is showing in two locations this summer here in Maine – Chapter Two Gallery in Corea and Neal Parent’s gallery in Belfast.

NE client Thomas Birtwistle and 3 other photographers are featured in a new show at the new Common Street Gallery in Waterville, which runs until August 17th. It looks like an interesting show and I’ll hopefully be able to make it over there this summer to check out the show, and gallery, in person.

NE client Peter Ralston recently opened his new gallery, located in Rockport Harbor in the location where Tim Whelan’s bookstore used to sit. The space looks great – congrats Peter!


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